Our Healthy

Population Platform

WellDatix mitigates risk and increases profitability for commercial venues, hospitals and insurers.


No matter the patient, payer or provider, using the HealthDatix platform will easily allow you to identify the people in your population that are at risk.

From the data received in our report(s) – medium and high risk patients can be engaged with education and disease management protocols to curb medical spend in the future.

For medical organizations this results in compliancy, higher HEDIS scores and an increase in revenue/savings to the bottom line.

For employers this results in hard data on their population that can be used to negotiate health costs in the future.

Power is knowledge and strong data is powerful.




Leverage the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) to manage your patients’ risk and uncover significant revenue opportunities within your current patient population – with no additional impact on your time or office staff.

Our proprietary data analysis will identify your existing patients that are eligible for the AWV and from there uncover additional opportunities for you to keep your patient in good health.

The AWV is so valued by Medicare that these preventive health care visits are provided at no cost to Medicare patients 66+. Currently, there are over 44 million Medicare patients eligible for these visits, but less than 17% are taking advantage of the AWV.

Let us find how many eligible patients are under your care.



Proper care of an individual requires that there is facile communication between all parties. Our Circle of Care gateway is focused on securely sharing a patient’s information and care management directives with family members, medical specialists, primary physician, care settings and medical vendors. Circle of Care is our secure communication tool to enhance patient care coordination.

The average Medicare patient visits six to twelve doctors a year causing care coordination errors between health providers. Our annual HRA solution allows each patient’s medical profile to be reconciled into a current report that is sent to their primary care physician and shared within their Circle of Care.

Communication is key when it comes to delivering the best health care.




The HealthDatix turnkey solution mitigates the professional risk factor for payers, systems, patients, doctors and Medicare by gathering detailed data and distributing it appropriately. This results in saving you both money and time and improves the quality of life for your patients.

We will schedule appointments with the eligible patients, and conduct personal examinations at their home or in office. The data that is collected by our team is very detailed and accurate. (Examples of data collected: listing of all medications and supplements, living environment, fall assessment, nutritional support and hygiene.) After generating and delivering the 5-Year Personalized Preventive Plan we can also complete all the required coding and documentation and submit your billing to Medicare.

Let us help you boost your revenue and save you and your staff valuable time.


We are the trusted and agile data platform that can help you create better patient outcomes and discover new streams of revenue.