Our Tele-Health Platform

CareDatix is our FDA approved cloud app solution for monitoring your chronic care population.


Electronic House Call is our secure FDA approved cloud app solution for your patients that require frequent risk assessment and personal alerts such as medication and session reminders. Using this device increases care plan compliance and reduces hospital readmissions which translates to a healthier bottom line for your organization.

Electronic House Call can be used for both adults and children to monitor vital signs that are then aggregated by our platform and transmitted to your EHR. If any reading sets off an alert your practice is notified and you are able to make timely adjustments to the care that is needed.

Here’s how it works. The Bluetooth device (such as a blood pressure cuff) collects the information on the patient and transmits it to their tablet or smartphone. Electronic House Call then aggregates the patient’s information and creates a report for your EHR system. This process is FDA approved, HIPPA compliant and easy to use.

Product Features: Works with any Bluetooth enabled monitoring device; supports multiple languages.



CareDatix Solution is a secure online web application that allows you to manage your patients’ care plans in real time. This application is the integral piece that connects you with your patients using our Electronic House Call protocol.

Using this CareDatix FDA approved cloud application allows you to remotely monitor patients between scheduled visits, increase care plan compliance, detect and intervene to minimize disease exacerbation, and improve outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses.

Our FDA approved platform was created using the latest in encryption technology to assure both you and your patient that all the information is secure, yet allowing you to access their files from anywhere there is internet access.

Additional features include: An extensive library of customizable disease management protocols, patient vital statistics and compliance reports, risk stratification monitoring and reports, and educational content programming.




The CareDatix Health Network team can help you implement and manage a tele-health program customized for your practice and your particular patients who suffer from a chronic condition.

The cost of completing an HRA or AWV makes them financially difficult to build into a professional practice model. Add to that the impact that poor Star Ratings, HEDIS Measures, and HCAHPS scores can have on your bottom-line. Working with our HealthCare Network simply makes sound financial sense.

Utilizing the CareDatix Health Network will assist you in early intervention to prevent disease exacerbation, decreased readmissions to hospitals and emergency rooms, increased patient surveillance,  lower overhead costs, patient coaching and educational reinforcement, device deliveries and set ups, and toll-free technical and clinical support.

Our tele-health program can help you manage large chronic condition populations easily. Our FDA approved cloud app aggregates and provides you accurate data in any report form your EHR requires. The end result is better patient care and outcomes, and an increase in your profitability.



We are the trusted and agile data platform that can help you create better patient outcomes and discover new streams of revenue.