Within the population of any group or organization there are people who are healthy and those that are at risk. Our mission is to aggregate their data and deliver accurate reporting necessary to make vital decisions on a course of treatment or education for those at risk.We empower you with the data needed to negotiate future health costs.




We’re helping to shape the future of our nation’s health care system, with robust leveraging of technology that delivers value-based healthcare and payment without extra staff or additional efforts on your part.

Our proprietary data analytics management uncovers new opportunities for health wellness visits and 24/7/365 monitoring of people with chronic conditions. We simplify and personalize crucial information that allows your health care organization to identify patients eligible for both Annual Wellness Visits as well as Chronic Care Management, both of which are reimbursed by Medicare.





John Salerno

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Salerno is a seasoned hands-on executive with over 40 years of experience with public and private computer software and service companies. Mr. Salerno is also a proud retired US Marine Corps Officer.


Elisa Luqman

Director, CFO and General Counsel

Ms. Luqman is a corporate attorney with over 20 years experience with corporate in-house legal matters. She holds a MBA and is a member of the Bar in New York and New Jersey.


George Dempster


Mr. Dempster is a former Commissioner of Commerce for the State of NY, and for 20 years he served as Chairman of the Finance Committee for Hofstra University, where he is currently Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees.


John Waters

Advisor to Audit Committee

Mr. Waters is a former Senior Partner at Arthur Andersen with exceptional leadership skills and merger and acquisition expertise. He has served as head of the audit committee and a board member of three multi-million dollar public firms.



Dr. Bernard S Maniscalco

Advisory Board Chairman

Over his extensive and distinguished career, Dr. Maniscalco has served as a consultant, opinion leader and speaker for numerous companies in both the pharmaceutical and device industry. Today, Dr. Maniscalco is CEO and Chairman of Heartbeat International Foundation (HBI).


Dr. Alan Iezzi


Dr. Iezzi is a practicing Family Practitioner in Tampa, FL.
He currently practices at Family Medical Centers of Tampa Bay and is affiliated with Florida Hospital Tampa, St Joseph's Hospital and Tampa Community Hospital.



Dr. Robert Randelman, PhD


Dr. Randelman is a senior executive who brings to our Advisory Board strong technical, management and international experience with a record of growth in technically-based businesses.


Ronald Mills


Mr. Mill brings 21 plus years of health industry senior management, business development and administration to our Board of Advisors. He is the CEO of EncounterCare Solutions Inc. and the driving force behind our BioDatix product offerings.




Jerry Robinson


Mr. Robinson is an entrepreneur and previous founder of HubCentrix. Jerry has over 10 years in SaaS cloud technology and is instrumental in bringing innovation and marketing approaches to HealthDatix.


Kathleen Shepherd

VP Operations

Kathleen’s experience as a business analyst designing and managing office processes makes her well suited to oversee operations. Kathleen has spent the last year developing our WellDatix product.


Mary-Jo Robinson

VP Sales and Marketing

MJ’s 20 years of experience in major account sales, branch management, district sales management and business ownership has prepared her for her position as VP Business Development. With a focus on personalized health monitoring and healthcare collection analytics she is recruiting channel partners with a client base in the healthcare market, and the ultimate goal of keeping people healthy while increasing their longevity.


We are the trusted and agile data platform that can help you create better patient outcomes and discover new streams of revenue.